Read from individuals who have received training or collaborated with ChildZCare about their experiences.

Jane was awarded HeartShare Training's Excellence in Teaching award each year starting from 2012 through 2017.

The following are some comments shared by HeartShare students:

"Jane was an entertaining and extremely informative instructor. Her props in the classroom were exceptional - great detail. Great job Jane! Thanks."

"Jane makes the environment very comfortable which leads to a better learning environment, allowing us to participate and be involved with each simulation and hands-on practice. I would definitely return - it's worth the extra cost to have the individual instructor."

"The instructor is wonderful. I learn so much each time I come. Good job!!!"

"Practicing techniques step-by-step was invaluable! (Especially the repetition of this until we felt completely comfortable.) Jane was incredibly personable & knowledgeable! Extremely useful class! Thank you!"

Bryan & Kimberly Martin
Parents, Infant CPR and Safety Class

"I learned how to feel confident giving CPR, assisting if choking and how to handle various different kinds of injuries. I feel empowered and knowledgeable. It had been 4+ years since I took an infant CPR class. This was very informative and much needed. Thank you so much!"

Sara Steffen
Mother, Child CPR and First Aid Class

"Class included relevant info. Simple, concise. Length was just right. Class size was perfect."

Amy Giachetti
Mother, Child CPR and First Aid Class

"Great to have a smaller class with individual attention. Very much appreciated."

Kristina Hunt
Mother, Infant CPR and Safety Class

"Great job! I'll be recommending family members to take this. Certainly makes me feel so much comfort knowing what to do."

Marlene Rogers
Mother, Child CPR and First Aid Class

"Thank you! We have taken a number of baby classes and you have been one of the best instructors. Great teaching ability!"

Bobby Adams & Eileen Tram
Parents, Infant CPR and Safety Class

"Being the mother of a curious toddler made this class imperative. Glad to learn everything, but hope to never use it."

Stephanie Panayotopoulos
Mother, Child CPR and First Aid Class

"The hands-on practicing was great!"

Jonathan Siegrist
Father, Infant CPR and Safety Class

"My husband and I both felt this class was an excellent review. Jane was extremely knowledgeable."

Jennie Costanza
Mother, Infant CPR and Safety Class

"All information was very helpful. This class is perfect as is."

Gabriela Sexton
Mother, Infant CPR and Safety Class

Both the usefulness of the class and clarity of the information presented was excellent.

S. Prasanna Kumar
Father, Infant CPR and Safety Class

"Having the knowledge and confidence that, if needed, I would know what to do. Great class!"

MaryJo Kramer
Grandmother, Infant CPR and Safety Class

"I had the pleasure to assist Jane Folena in teaching the Neonatal Resuscitation Provider Program to a group of physicians at O'Connor Hospital. Jane was the lead NRP Regional Instructor and I was her assistant NRP Instructor. As an NRP Instructor, I have assisted with teaching multiple NRP Provider Training sessions in a hospital clinical setting where actual equipment is utilized for return demonstrations and the mock neonatal code drills. This was the first time, since the implementation of the Sixth Edition NRP Guidelines, to complete the training in a conference room setting.

I was impressed with Jane's creativity and innovative use of her supplies and models. She was able to create for her students a simulated environment which resembled an actual clinical setting. She is thorough and comprehensive as an NRP Instructor, utilizing various teaching methods (hands-on demonstrations and return demonstrations, clinical simulation based on personal experience as a NICU RN, observation, and constructive feedback) to ensure her students demonstrate an understanding and can verbalize rational for the neonatal resuscitation. During the course, she constantly stresses the importance of team work and communication among team members.
I would take any opportunity to teach another NRP class with Jane.

Tina Simmons, RN
Regional NRP Instructor

"I feel more confident should an emergency arise. Excellent class! I'm glad I came."

Martha Kelley
Grandmother, Infant CPR and Safety Class

"I now know what to do when a child is choking! Thank you!!!"

Jim Kramer
Father, Infant CPR and Safety Class

"I was faced with multiple challenges moving into a new medical facility which included work flow and process changes, new equipment, and the physical layout of the departments. I knew I couldn't prepare my staff alone and that I needed professional assistance from a colleague who had experience planning and implementing Critical Events Team Training. So, I called on my professional colleague Jane Folena to assist me with the planning, organizing, and creating of simulation scenarios and team building training activities for my department staff (which included RNs, Obstetricians, and Pediatricians). Jane's nursing experience and background in Maternal-Child Services makes her the ideal trainer. She demonstrated with my staff, using her personal experiences and clinical knowledge, what high risk events can occur during an actual emergency situation and how to implement processes to avoid or decrease these high risk events from occurring. For example, something as simple as preparing and labeling all resuscitation medications prior to the delivery of a preterm infant and constantly communicating with one another during an emergency situation.

The feedback I received from my staff regarding Jane's involvement in our training sessions was overwhelmingly positive and greatly appreciated by the nursing and physician staff alike. She was very well received and professionally respected by the healthcare team. The best compliment was having my staff request additional simulation and team training sessions with Jane. I couldn't have had the successful training sessions without Jane Folena's participation and involvement in the entire process. I would highly recommend Jane Folena to any organization needing assistance with Critical Events Team Training for their healthcare team."

Tina Simmons, RN, BSN, MBA
Director, Birth Center
Eden Medical Center